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 Passionate Film-Makers

In 2010 a group of like-minded, passionate and creative guys came together and decided to make the world of video production a better place. The Silicon Valley of India plays host to this group of remarkable team.

Immortal Dreamz is ardent about making one’s dream come to life. All day we talk about films. We strive to understand our customers and work towards accomplishing their dreams.United by curiosity, we are a band of filmmakers and educators who embrace the magnetic force of an artfully crafted story. Capturing a meaningful story is never easy, but no matter how grueling , the process of great storytelling keeps us coming back.

To be able to dream somebody else’s dream requires a high degree of zeal and our team is high on passion. Our team has a very diverse background which assists in generating solutions to suit all your needs.

We always think from our heart and come up with the most beautiful of notions to portray your dreams on life’s canvas.


Video production services

Immortal Dreamz specializes in Film Production Services, Social Media Marketing and composing Corporate Films, Advertisements, Music Videos ,Spoof Films & more.

Above all we are passionate about what we do, be it making films, or educational opportunities, or making a perfect latte–it is passion that keeps us up at night and gets us out of bed in the morning.

All the things we want to do in our own filmmaking–we want you to do them too. To the best of our ability, we’ll share what we’ve learned over the years of making films. What worked, what floundered, what we continue to reach for.

Our team of professionals will assess your needs and fashion the most appropriate mode of your bringing your dreams to life.


Meet the team

  • Nishn-2

    Nishant Haridev Co founder & Creative Director

  • azzan

    Azzan Co founder & Concept Developer

  • prashn1

    Prashanthcs Sahadeva Co Founder & Director of Business

  • Kunal-550x600

    Kunal Naik Cinematographer & VFX – Editor

  • Kiran-480x600

    Kiran Kumar Cinematographer & Color grading

  • hari

    Harikrishnan Sound Designing & music composer

  • prat

    Pratheesh Money Content writer & Script writer

  • Sankar-426x600

    Sankar Srinivas Support & crew

  • famela

    Famela Aranha Support & crew

  • Suhasn

    Suhas Kumar Support & crew

  • prabhav

    Prabhav Gorur Support & crew

  • Lavanya-540x600

    Lavanya Support & crew

  • Nebu-600x600

    Nebu George Male Singer

  • nisha

    Nisha Mammen Female Singer

  • Shwetha-540x600

    Shwetha Parshi Support & crew

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